Action needed on Children's Services

Ofsted has described children's services in West Sussex as 'inadequate'. Ofsted's report was released on 8th May 2019.

In the past eight years the council has seen its government funding cut by £145m, which was a point raised by Dr James Walsh, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats on West Sussex County Council.

Dr Walsh (Littlehampton East) said: “I am afraid that it is inevitable that starving the county council of proper funding by the government has made matters worse, and my worry is that we could be seeing similar reports on other services in West Sussex, such as in the adult social care sector.”

Dr Walsh said the report made ‘very sad reading’ and reflected the medium and long-term effects of failing to invest in the recruitment, retention and training of staff.

He added: “What is now important, having been judged inadequate, is to remedy the situation as rapidly as possible, so as to minimise the far reaching effects on a whole generation of children, and Liberal Democrats will be demanding an urgent action plan, with accompanying funding, including help from national government.”