Conservative WSCC cuts and tax rises revealed

Conservative County Council Wastes Your Money, Costs More and Taxes You More. 

For Tory-controlled West Sussex County Council the Council Tax is going up a whopping £75, or 5% to £1,511 for the average Band D house.
The Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner Tax is rising by £15 (7.5%) to £215.
Liberal Democrat-led Arun District Council is only rising by £4.95 (2.65%) to £191.

Who do you think is giving better value for your money?

Conservative County Council Wastes Money:

  • In 2019 West Sussex County Council bungled a new Highway Maintenance Contract, and were taken to the High Court, who ordered the County Council to pay £4million of your money in compensation.
  • In 2019 the sacked Chief Executive was given a golden handshake of £265,000.
  • In 2019 the Fire & Rescue Service was found inadequate by HM Inspectors. The resulting rescue plan cost £5million.
  • In 2019 Children’s Services were found so inadequate by Government Inspectors that an external Commissioner was appointed to oversee services. The rescue plan cost £17million.

Just these examples cost you the Council Taxpayer over £26million!
Tory value for your money?!  Financially responsible ?!

Conservative County Council Cuts Services:

  • Children and Family Centres and Youth “ Find Find It Out” centres are to be cut from 44 to only 11 by October 2021. Many users will be forced to travel miles to a remaining centre.
  • Older People’s Day Centres and Residential Care is being drastically cut, with most day care centres closing. Home Care is often severely restricted too.
  • Children’s Bikeability: The ruling Tory Cabinet have voted to impose a shocking £20 per pupil for the basic cycle safety courses, previously free, and excluding many children.
  • Civic Tips & Recycling Centres. Closed 2 days a week in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, leading to queues and more fly tipping everywhere. Instead of re-opening the closed days, they are now introducing a booking system! More hassle and more fly tipping!
    Waiting in the wings is charging for domestic DIY waste.
  • Potholes everywhere. We can all see them getting worse, with long delayed repairs, which often fail soon after, meaning another repair, wasting your money.

Vote Liberal Democrat in the WSCC elections on 6th May 2021 for a more caring local authority approach.

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