Conservatives slammed for ignoring Arun's leisure and tourism problems

Conservatives Council bosses have been criticised for ignoring Arun's leisure, tourism and infrastructure problems, saying there is "nothing to consider".

key_outoftouch.jpgThis follows the decision by Conservative Council bosses to cancel an important forthcoming meeting of the leisure and tourism group, which looks at range of important issues affecting our local community.

The Conservatives have said there is "nothing to consider" despite there being a huge number of important problems facing our local communities.

Speaking following the decision to cancel the important meeting, Lib Dem county councillor Dr James Walsh commented, "It is outrageous that the Conservatives have nothing in leisure, tourism or infrastructure to discuss after six months of the new administration.

"If I was still chair, they could've been discussions on the A259, the A29, flood defences, the fact we are getting less and less tourism support, issues around Littlehampton hospital etc. But no, the fact that the Conservatives have taken control of all the key committees, meaning that no discussion is allowed."

Lib Dem County Councillor Ian Buckland added, "It is such a disappointment that the Conservatives don't want to talk about important local issues. There are so many things going on but they don't think there is anything to talk about or even discuss. It is clear the Conservatives who run Arun are out of touch."

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