Leading Arun District Council - Year One update

What have Arun Lib Dems ever done for us...?

We're approaching one year since Arun Lib Dems (with support from Independent and Green councillors) took control of Arun District Council. The first time the council has not been led by Conservatives since 1974, when it was established.

What's been achieved?

  • Changes to the Council's priorities
  • An increase in sustainable support for dealing with homelessness in the district
  • Recognition and budget allocated to deal with the Climate Emergency
  • An increase in Council House building, within already planned developments
  • The saving of the Sunken Gardens in Bognor Regis
  • Development of new town centre regeneration plans, with public consultation
  • Changes to the Council's decision making processes, away from a cabinet system, to a more democratic and inclusive committee system, from 2021
  • Kept the district council tax rise for 2020/21 to 2.73%, a lower increase than the previous year.

What hasn't been achieved?

  • It has not been possible to change the (Conservative-created) Local Development Plan, including the unsustainable housing numbers and site allocations, due to legislation.
  • But...a review cycle is due soon, and there is scope to produce supporting policies to the Local Plan, which can improve its implementation, such as climate change-related rules for developers.

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