Pothole repairs 'not up to standard'

Conservative-run West Sussex County Council's director of highways, Matt Davey, admits that temporary pothole repairs in the county are "not up to standard". This follows significant reductions in the highways budget over the last ten years.

The council's director of highways admitted the failings at the meeting of the West Sussex scrutiny committee in March. Mr Davey told the meeting "We have been in conversation with the contractor about why we've got to that state and what we can do about that".

Lib Dem councillor Dr James Walsh said he was 'shocked' when told that no substantial changes would be made to the way the potholes were repaired or the materials used. He said he knew of potholes that had been repaired more than half a dozen times but still crumbled. 

West Sussex advised they were increasing the team dealing with repairs from eight to 12 to help deal with the issue, but Cllr Dr Walsh asked whether that was enough. He said "It clearly isn't enough at the moment because the situation is actually much worse this year - and last year was worse than the year before.

"It's a growing problem each winter and so we've got to do something. We've got to do something nationally, as well as in West Sussex".

Mr Davey pointed out their had been 'a significant reduction' in the highways budget over the last ten years, and "the quality of the temporary repairs, certainly over the last three months, has not been to the standard that we would accept."


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