Priorities updated at Arun District Council

Liberal Democrat councillors have voted for changes to Arun District Council's priorities this week, after the elections in May changed the Council's composition.

The process of determining the Council's new strategic priorities has begun, with the following list to be worked on further by councillors and the council's management team over the months ahead:

  • The following two targets run through all the Councils approaches and will be a Highpriority for the Council to develop in parallel:
    • Prepare Aruns response to the Environment and Climate Emergency
    • To refresh the Council’s Equality and Diversity Policy
  • To continue to deliver the Local Plan whilst developing a new planning framework to deliver the Councils priorities by:
    • Improving the level of sustainability and infrastructure in new developments and the Council’s response to Environment and Climate Change. The Council will introduce additional and updated Supplementary Planning Documents and revised Development Management Policies as part of commencing a Local Plan review to reflect the change in Council priorities.
  • To establish new town centre retail plans for Arundel, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton

  • To actively promote a change in governance from an Executive (Cabinet) system to a Committee system at the earliest opportunity

  • To maintain a prudent Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)

  • To maximise the social houses/units we provide

  • To engage better with the public by creating a public engagement strategy
  • To consider how best to utilise Bognor Regis Town Hall for the community

  • To assist in improving the average wage of people working in Arun by exploring all potential options

The Strategic Targets were not intended to be exhaustive, nor the only areas that the Council voted to move forward on; they are more the initial focus for work to be undertaken by Councillors and Officers.

Other areas of importance include an Economic Strategy, a Sea Front Strategy, and a Tourism and Events Strategy, as well as investigating the viability of restoring a sandy beach to Bognor Regis.

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