Save Arun's Play Parks


Conservative-run Arun District Council is threatening to dismantle up to 30 play parks across Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and our villages. Sign our petition now to stop this!

Using a new five-year document, the Arun "Play Strategy", the Council is set to dismantle play equipment in a number of local play parks. So far the council has taken away play equipment at 14 local play parks - and 12 more sites are identified to be taken away. Over the next few years, up to 18 more could be closed as well.

The 14 play park sites already closed are:

  • Macklin Play Area – Bognor
  • Eagles Chase – Littlehampton
  • Toddington Park – Littlehampton
  • Garden Crescent – Barnham
  • Juniper Close – Middleton
  • Camellia – Littlehampton
  • Brookfield Juniors – Littlehampton
  • Allangate – Rustington
  • Maple Gardens South – Bersted
  • Howard House – Bognor
  • Hampton Court – Bognor
  • Hedge End – Barnham
  • Clapham BMX – Clapham
  • Millers 2 – Yapton

Arun Liberal Democrats believe this is just plain wrong!

Lib Dems argue that most of the parks under threat are necessary and popular with local families. We also believe the council has failed to look at other options to pay for new equipment. That is why we are urging the Council to take another look at it's so-called "Play Strategy" and call a temporary halt to any further closures until local play provision can be consulted on properly.

Please sign our petition now!

I, the undersigned, back the Arun Liberal Democrat petition calling on Arun District Council to call a temporary halt to any further closures of local play parks and dismantling of equipment. I call on the Council to reconsider it's new Play Strategy and seek to find ways to keep as many of these parks open as possible.

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Arun Play Parks Petition

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