Your Representatives

Dozens of Arun Liberal Democrat members have been elected onto local councils - including West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council, Littlehampton Town Council, Bognor Regis Town Council and other Parish Councils.

The importance of Arun Liberal Democrats standing, and being elected, is illustrated by the role our councillors play in leading Arun District Council, and as the official opposition on West Sussex County Council; holding the Conservatives to account and preventing their dominance.

Our councillors are ordinary people who give their time to fight for local communities across the Arun District. If you think you have the passion and determination to fight for your community and become a Liberal Democrat Councillor, please get in touch with us.

For more details of each Council's responsibilities and your elected representatives, click on the respective Council's link.

Arun District councillors

Dr. James Walsh (Beach)

Dan Purchese (Beach)

J Henry Jones (Yapton)

Amanda Worne (Yapton)

Billy Blanchard-Cooper (Brookfield)

Jeanette Warr (Hotham)

Jamie Bennett (Rustington West)

Pauline Gregory (Rustington West)

William Tilbrook (Rustington West)

Kenton Batley (Bersted)

Martin Lury (Bersted)

Gill Yeates (Bersted)

Francis Oppler (Orchard)

Samantha Staniforth (Orchard)

Inna Erskine (Pevensey)

Matt Stanley (Marine)

Martin Smith (Aldwick West)

Claire Needs (Aldwick West)

Littlehampton Town councillors

Dr. James Walsh (Beach)

Billy Blanchard-Cooper (Beach)

David Chace (Brookfield)

Joanne Price (Brookfield)

Michelle Molloy (River)

Bognor Regis Town councillors

John Barrett (Hotham)

Jeanette Warr (Hotham)

Kenton Batley (Orchard)

Inna Erskine (Pevensey)

John Erskine (Pevensey)

J Henry Jones (Orchard)

Claire Needs (Marine)

Samantha Staniforth (Orchard)

Matt Stanley (Marine)

West Sussex County councillors

Dr. James Walsh (Littlehampton East)

Francis Oppler (Bognor Regis East)

Daniel Purchese (Rustington)


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